If not full of myself

what else should I be full of?

Or would you, rather,

have me half empty?


You May be a Reminder

Maybe you never were

More than a reminder:

Of the sugar cravings

I’d oppressed ever since

I was thirteen years old.

Maybe, I never was

Meant to pick her amber

Hair off your shirt that day,

When you put too much fake

Honey in my flat white.

Or maybe it was just

My body that could not

Stand winter days in May,

Which seemed so cold to you

And offly warm to me.

And surely it’s not you

Who’s lying here right now;

Since you’re 8000 miles

Away, while I am back

With him in that place: Home.




As well be a

Watershed moment,

Since I like to dive deep,

Always, until I can hardly breathe

Until I can hear my heartbeat: Loud and clear.


Had I not removed you

From my contact list,

The truest thing that

I could text you now

Would be:


You came quite close.

The key

Three keys are lying

In the clean and empty

Kitchen cupboard,

Ready to be taken away

By the lady who’s

Checking the flaws,

Our flaws, the ones

We did our best to wash away

Four days in a row,

With acid and with baking soda.

Three keys aligned,

Three keys, not four:

My key had slipped

Through the hole of

My white tweed coat

Some time, long ago.

Maybe I’ll find

That missing one.

Then I would sneak

Through this door

That will lead

To a life

Which won’t be ours anymore.

The photos on the wall

Won’t show you or me or

Anyone we know.

The air won’t smell

Of the cinnamon granola

I made the day before.

You won’t be lying

Asleep on the sofa bed,

Waiting for me

To wake you up.

And still,

I might be keeping that key.

Just because

It once opened and 

Shut our world.

Cape Nostalgia

Her soprano to my strum
Under stars on someone’s patio.
Sea-breezed highway rides
Stapled to his waist.
Honey-infused coffee, twice
At Dolce: 9 am.
Dozing to her heartbeat
Having conquered paradise.
Carpet, fire, popcorn, blankets
As rains rage outside.
All shapes and neon colours
Running the city at night.
Brownies on my backyard-floor,
Just because we could.
Tablecloth like sugar-coating,
Or like smoke.
Giggly, tipsy, and best cheesecake in the world.
Twerking, jumping, sweating,
Hair sticking to hot heads.
Walking home and feeling safe;
And feeling it still.

Keeper’s Haiku

Like the red pencil

That’s carried around always,

Easily erased.


Like the old pencil

That you still have in your bag

Blunt, but not broken.



Never jeopardizing space,

Don’t dispose of me.


I was still wearing

Your necklace. The whole

Golden weight of trust

Dangling against my

Collar bone, as he

Grabbed me at my waist.

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